About Helix Linear Technologies

Helix Linear Technologies is a market leader in design, engineering, and manufacturing of precision linear motion and power transmission systems and components. Our mission is to be an innovative and responsive organization whose linear motion products are engineered, manufactured, and delivered to meet or exceed our customers' specifications and expectations.

Although the numerous awards that we have received speak for themselves, the day-to-day operational excellence that supports the level of service that we provide cannot be overstated. Helix Linear Technologies is committed to the highest levels of customer satisfaction and providing our customers with high-quality, high-value products that are delivered on time at a competitive price.



Our Mission

Helix Linear Technologies' mission is to be an innovative and responsive organization whose linear motion products are engineered, manufactured, and delivered to meet or exceed our customers' specifications and expectations.

Helix Linear Technologies' focus is the manufacture of precision lead screws and offers the broadest product line of any lead screw manufacturer globally. Whether the application requires an off-the-shelf linear motion component or an engineered solution tailored to fit your application, we provide complete engineering, design, analysis and manufacturing capabilities.

The creation of Helix Linear Technologies within the Nook family is a result of a solid and stable management team that leads the company with a passion for the linear motion industry. Always emphasizing "continuous improvement," we use statistical methods and on-going training to increase the knowledge and skills of all employees. Helix Linear Technologies' knowledge and vast experience provide unprecedented flexibility to design, engineer and manufacture linear motion products that will exceed application performance expectations.

Our Vision

Helix Linear Technologies' vision is to leverage our proven engineering and manufacturing expertise to lead the electro-mechanical actuation market and be the global trusted standard by making our customers, employees and partners successful.

Our Quality

Helix is certified to ISO 9001:2008Helix Linear Technologies is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard and committed to customer satisfaction. We will provide a high quality, high value product delivered on time at a competitive price. We continually improve our processes and products through technology investment and employee participation.

The Company is committed to serve its customers with outstanding total quality by providing leadership and superior performance in every aspect of customer specification.

Our quality system is established to emphasize continuous improvement, defect prevention, the use of statistical methods and continuous training to increase the knowledge and skills of all employees. Some of the advantages that the Nook family of companies offer include:

  • Complete engineering, design, analysis and manufacturing capabilities in one facility
  • 120,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Beachwood, Ohio
  • ISO 9001:2008 registered
  • Most comprehensive selection of integrated linear motion components in the industry
  • Small business, established 1969, Veteran owned
  • Precision Thread Rolling: Regular production 1/4" - 6" diameter, ability to roll up to 14" diameter
  • In-house ability to heat treat solid and hollow ball screws and linear shafting
  • Only manufacturer in industry with onsite die design, manufacturing and control
  • Precision Measurement Equipment

Vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities at Helix Linear Technologies allows custom engineering, design and fabrication of assemblies to application specifications and strict engineering standards. With on-site control of thread rolling die design and manufacturing, we offer flexible, efficient customization with design validation through the use of precision measurement equipment.

Helix Linear Technologies' knowledgeable design and manufacturing engineers explore innovative methods to ensure product safety, reliability and performance. Throughout the manufacturing process, products are fully inspected to verify that they meet or exceed performance requirements.

A History of Success

Joseph H. Nook, Jr. founded Nook Industries, Inc. in 1969 with the primary goal of stocking and machining ball screws manufactured by Saginaw Steering Gear. This early role as a master distributor for Saginaw enabled Nook and ultimately Helix Linear Technologies to gain experience and technical expertise in the world of linear motion.

Since then, the company has grown to engineer, design and manufacture multiple major product lines comprising over 10,000 configurable products. With core manufacturing excellence including ball screw assemblies, acme screw assemblies, planetary roller screws, worm gear screw jacks, electric cylinder actuators, linear bearings, shafting, slide systems, end bearing supports and precision end machining for inch and metric markets, Helix was created to better serve the expanding and evolving customer-driven market for precision linear motion products with a focus on precision lead screw technology.

Ball Bearing Screw Supply Company founded by Joseph H. Nook, Jr.
Installed end-machining capabilities to provide precision high tolerances required by ball screw applications.
Ball Bearing Screw Supply renamed to Helix Linear Technologies, Inc. with focus on PowerAc™ Acme Screw Assemblies.
PowerTrac™ Ball Screw Assemblies and ActionJac™ Worm Gear Screw Jack product lines established.
Opened a 35,000 square foot facility in Beachwood, Ohio.
Secured ActionJac™ Worm Gear Screw Jack orders for Satellite Dish Actuators.
Purchased Skidmore Gear Company to control the manufacture of worm gears for screw jacks.
Granted member status for The Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT).
Granted member status for Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA).
PowerTrax™ Linear Bearing, Shafting and Component product line established.
Awarded the "Quality Products and Service Award" from Scientific-Atlanta Network Systems Group.
Installed world’s largest capacity precision thread roller with ability to roll up to a 14" diameter.
Opened a 120,000 square foot manufacturing and office space in Cleveland, Ohio.
Awarded the "Acme Spirally Wound Paper Products, Inc. Certificate of Appreciation".
Granted member status for the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) Association.
Awarded the "Family Firm of Distinction" by the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.
Introduced an industry first 5-year guarantee on ActionJac™ Worm Gear Screw Jacks.
Provided configurable and downloadable 2D & 3D CAD Models at nookindustries.com, reducing engineer's development time.
Published a comprehensive 416 page product catalog introducing Planetary Roller Screws, Metric Lead Screws, Ball Screws, Worm Gear Screw Jacks, MM Slides, Linear Shafting, and Pillow Blocks with existing inch products.
ISO 9001:2008 Certification.
NRS™ Planetary Roller Screw product line established.
Precision Locknut product line established.
Granted member status for the Association for High Technology Distribution (AHTD).
2010 and beyond...
Nook establishes Helix Linear Technologies, Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary.
Helix develops Precision Miniature Lead Screw Product Line.
Helix Linear Technologies is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.
Helix launches Precision Miniature Linear Guides Product Line.