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Lead Screw Nuts

Lead Screw Nuts - PowerAC Nuts - Self Adjusting Lead Screw Nuts

Product Specifications and Capabilities

Thread Forms:           
Acme Screw, Trapezoidal Screw, High-Helix Screw, Modified Acme Screw, Buttress Screw,Ball Screw
Lead Accuracy: +/- 0.0003" / Inch
Screw Diameters: 1.8 - 150mm
Screw Materials:        
Stainless Steel, Alloy, Aluminum, Titanium, Ceramic, Plastic
Nut Materials: Bronze, Acetal, Delrin, PEEK, Ultem, Vespel, Torlon and many more.


Trunion Mount Acme Nuts

HLC - Heavy Load Compact Flange Nuts - Metric

HLR - Heavy Load Round Flange Nuts - Metric

BNR - Ball Nut Replacement Lead Screw Nuts

PowerAC Acme Nuts - Plastic - Metric

PowerAC Acme Nuts - Bronze - Inch

PowerAC Acme Nuts - Plastic - Inch

PowerAC Acme Nuts - Bronze - Metric

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