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PRA - Linear Actuators

Stepper Motor Linear Actuators  - Ball Guided Rail Systems

Product Specifications and Capabilities

Motor Options:
Stepper Motor, Brushless DC, and Brushed Actuators
Stepper Motor Sizes:  NEMA 8,11,14,17,23
Stroke: 0.1” to 36” stroke length
Forces: Up to 500 lbs
Up to 20 in/s
Resolution: Submicron resolution
Custom Actuators: Develop custom tailored solutions to meet performance specifications that exceed the capability of standard actuators.


NEMA 8 - Profile Rail Linear Actuator

NEMA 11 - Profile Rail Linear Actuators

NEMA 17 - Profile Rail Linear Actuators

NEMA 23 - Profile Rail Linear Actuator

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