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PTS-04P - Spline Shaft

Spline Shafts an Guide Rails

  • 0.250" diameter spline
  • PTS standard bushing
  • 300 series stainless steel spline
  • For light to moderate load applications
  • Anti-rotation for one axis motion
  • Drive mechanism with rotation for two axes of motion
  • Spline shafts coated with H4X Teflon
  • For low friction and long life applications
  • End machining available
  • Custom bushings available on request

Product PTS-04P - Spline Shaft
Bushing Specifications
Bushing Material High strength bronze and composite polymer
Mounting Thread "E" N/A
Mounting Thread Length "B" N/A
Bushing Diamater "D" 0.500" (12.7mm)
Mounting Surface Length 0.325" (8.26mm)
Bushing Length "C" 0.75" (19.05mm)
Bushing Mounting Style Plain Mount
Assembly Specifications
Rotational Lash 0.005" - 0.009"
Maximum Twist 3° /ft
Temperature Range -65℉ - 200℉
Spline Specifications
Number of Teeth 14
Spline Material 304 Stainless Steel wwith H4X Teflon Coating
Spline Equivalent Diameter 0.226" (5.74mm)
Spline Root Diameter 0.202" (5.13mm)
Spline Diameter "A" 0.250"
Product Information
Part Number PTS-04P
Bushing Style PTS Standard Bushing
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