Acme Threaded Rods from Helix Linear Technologies

Christopher Nook by Christopher Nook

Our Acme threaded rods start in long lengths that can be shipped to you as-is or cut and machined to your specifications.


End-machining options include bearing journals, keyways, locknut threads, flats, snap ring grooves, or any custom modifications you need. Adding machined ends to your Acme threaded rod ensures proper support and drive of the acme screw in various setups.

Standard ends are available if you need flexibility in the assembly support and drive. Do you want to do your own end machining? We also supply cut-to-length Acme threaded rods, so that you can add your own machining for prototyping purposes.

Helix Linear Acme threaded rods are in stock and range in size from ¼” diameter to 2” diameter with multiple pitches and leads options.

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