An Acme Lead Screw to the Rescue

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Do you require a flexible, yet simple and effective solution for a motion control application? Perhaps you need a solution that is reliable, long-lasting and requires little (or zero) maintenance? Chances are there's an acme lead screw for that.


Need a precise screw for an advanced application?

Do you require a flexible, yet simple and effective solution for a motion control application? Perhaps you need a solution that is reliable, long-lasting and requires little (or zero) maintenance? Chances are there's an acme lead screw for that.

As you may know, lead screws convert rotary motion into linear motion by turning either the screw or nut. The threads of these screws are very strong, efficient and reliable. They are an ideal option for motion control applications and they are more affordable than their more complex alternatives. Other solutions that rely on many close-tolerance components are more susceptible to contaminants and require more maintenance to have a long service life.

Lead screws, which work on sliding friction between the nut and the screw, are considerably more simple and more tolerant of contaminants which results in less maintenance. Lead nuts made from specially formulated thermoplastics also ensure long life and smooth operation. If you need affordable and precise motion control, a Helix screw is the one for you. 

Here's a closer look at some instances where one of our precision screws can "come to the rescue" when it comes to one of your applications:

Precise Applications: Our screws are comparatively low cost and produced quickly and efficiently by the thread rolling process rather than more costly machining or grinding. Rolled screws achieve a surprising standard accuracy of .0003 in/ (higher accuracy available upon request). The combination of low cost and high accuracy make Helix screws an ideal solution for a wide range of applications across many industries. Such industries include the military & defense, semiconductor, consumer electronics and medical. Products range from missile fins and syringe pumps all the way to stage lighting and robotics.

Vertical Applications: Unlike comparative screws, Helix screws are self-locking under certain conditions, which make them a perfect solution for many vertical applications. When other types of screws are used in vertical systems, the load can “back drive” the nut when the power is turned off, thus allowing the load to fall. To avoid back driving with the more costly screw types, some sort of additional braking system is often needed which adds even more complexity and cost to the design and maintenance of the system.

Noise Reduction: In many industries, quiet operation is important (i.e. medical). One big advantage of Helix lead screws is the fact that they consist of less moving parts than competing technologies and you may be amazed at how quietly they operate.

Design Flexibility: Helix acme screws are a designer's best friend. That's because our screws don't require compromise in product design and product development. Lead screw/nut designs are very flexible – the screws come in a wide variety of diameters, pitch/lead combinations, and materials. They can be made with right or left-hand threads or even twin-lead threads (right and left-hand threads on the same screw). End machining can also be customized. Our lead nuts also come in a variety of metals and plastics and can be optimized to meet the needs of any application. For these reasons, designers don't have to compromise their design integrity for the sake of an internal component – they can design how they see fit and integrate the lead screw with little to no hassle.

Affordability: Everyone is looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Lead screws can help in this area as well. Since our lead screws contain fewer moving parts than comparative types, they generally cost less. In fact, it's estimated that cost savings from using acme lead screws can be as high as 85 percent. Needless to say, that's a significant savings – and the best part is that you can still rest assured that you're using a high-end, quality component for whatever application you may be working on. This cost savings doesn't just help out your company, but it can also be passed on to the end user or customer, a true win-win.

The next time you're stuck on a particular application, know that it's likely that an acme lead screw can come to the rescue. From the simple to the complex, there's likely an ideal acme lead screw specifically suited to your needs.

To learn more about the benefits of Helix acme lead screws don't hesitate to contact Helix today.


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