Autistic Students Thrive In CNC Machining

Christopher Nook by Christopher Nook

Students with Autism thrive in the world of CNC Machining.


What many see as a Disadvantage is actually an Advantage for the students of "Uniquely Abled", a CNC Machining Program located at Glendale Community College. Watch as TITAN and his son Tyson visit this special program and share their very personal story of Success.

About Titans of CNC

“America has the ability and the calling to be the greatest manufacturing powerhouse on the face of the planet.” -TITAN

We’re proud to be lifting up American students, educators, and its manufacturing workforce. We’re also proud that our academy is being used in over 170 countries because we believe that all humans have the right to a good education and to have the ability to build parts in their own communities.

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