Robotic Spinal Surgery

Christopher Nook by Christopher Nook

Dr. Fernando Diaz, Beaumont neurosurgeon, explains robotic-assisted spine surgery using the Mazor X system and its benefits.

How Mazor X works

Before entering the operating room for each patient, our neurosurgeons map exactly how they want the surgery to be performed. When the surgeon is ready, Mazor X saves the information.

Once surgery begins, Mazor X helps recreate the same surgical approach that was planned ahead of time - similar to how a GPS system works in your car. With precise mapping and navigation, Mazor X helps the surgeon accurately and safely place instrumentation, which leads to better outcomes.

What Mazor X can be used to treat

Mazor X can be used to treat a wide array of things, including:

  • spinal fractures
  • degenerative spine
  • spine deformity
  • spine fusion
  • spinal implants
  • tumors and more

If you have any question about this technology or any other surgical option at Beaumont, be sure to talk with your surgeon.