Helix Linear Technologies Launches Stepper Motor Linear Motion Engineering Calculators

Christopher Nook by Christopher Nook

Simply put, we love mechanical engineers. We welcome your questions, ideas, and unique projects. Whether you want to work independently on your linear motion project, or get the advice of our industry leading in-house engineers, Helix Linear Technologies is here to help.

Helix Linear Technologies has worked to provide our mechanical engineering customers with cutting-edge tools to make that linear motion project calculations and modeling faster, easier and more efficient.  In addition to our free lead screw linear motion engineering calculators, we are happy to announce the launch of our new stepper motor calculators.  You’ll now be able to calculate torque, winding, inertia, electrical, revolution, distance and speed with ease.

Once your calculations are complete, select your linear motion product and build a 2D or 3D solid model.  At HelixLinear.com, you’ll have the ability to virtually build and customize linear motion components that fit your specific project needs. Once your part build is complete simply download the project files you need. Our custom CAD configurator system allows you to generate .pdf data sheets along with complete CAD files in dozens of file formats including PARTJAVA, SVG, SOLIDWORKS, AIS, DGW and STEP.


View our complete offering of mechanical engineering tools including material reference guides, CAD configurators and engineering calculators here.

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