Ball Screw Driven Linear Actuators = Heavier Load Carrying Capabilities

Zhane Isom by Zhane Isom

Today's linear motion and automation challenges require higher precision and faster speeds.


Ball screw stepper motor linear actuators from Helix Linear Technologies allow engineers to design highly repeatable motion control systems that perform at high duty cycles. Linear actuators constructed with ball screws benefit from heavier load carrying capabilities, low friction, high efficiency, and reduced wear in a packaged assembly.

Helix Linear ball screw stepper motor linear actuators are available in NEMA 8, 11, 14, 17, 23, and 34 motor frame sizes and double and single stack configurations. Incorporation of the ball screw and motor eliminates a coupling and increases stroke length. In addition, the reduced drive torque necessary to drive the ball screw provides more motor torque to move the load.

Ball screw actuators from Helix Linear are also available in rod-style electric cylinders and linear slides and stages, providing multiple options depending on your application needs.

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