Part Number HMR15MN-SU-1-VSN-500L-10-10
Series Size 15M
Rail Length Length (mm) 500
Block Static Load Capacity (lbs) 1257

Base Price:

$202.27 ea.


15 mm linear guide assembly 500 mm overall length with standard block and seals.

  • Manufactured from heat-treated stainless steel and designed for high-speed, high-load, high-moment applications.
  • Dustproof design features built-in end and bottom block seals to extend product lifespan and prolong lubrication without affecting running smoothness.
  • Innovative inverse hook design for reinforced mechanical integration.



Series Size 15M
Assembly Height "H" (mm) 16
Rail Length Length (mm) 500
Rail Width - W1 (mm) 15
Rail Height - H1 - (mm) 9.5
Rail Hole Hole Pitch (mm) 40
Thread Dimensions - "M" (Mxg2) M3x5.5
No. of Blocks on Rail 1
Block Static Load Capacity (N) 5590
Block Static Load Capacity (lbs) 1257
Block Type Standard
Block holes-P1 (mm) 20
Block holes-P2 (mm) 25
Block Length "L" (mm) 43.1
Block Width - "W" (mm) 32
Static Moment - (Nm) - Mro 43.6
Static Moment - (Nm) - Mpo 27
Static Moment - (Nm) - Myo 27
Weight - Block (g) 61.0
Weight Rail (g) 465.0

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