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We manufacture the largest range of lead screw, acme screws and trapezoidal screws in the world. Our screws range in size from 1-25mm in diameter with an incredible amount of nut options with varying materials and models.


Helix's Linear Actuators offer a variety of models configured in travel lengths to 3,500 mm and deliver loads/forces up to 1,500 lbf. Actuators are assembled with lead screw or ball screw drives. Stepper motors and servo motors available.


The Helix Linear engineering tools will assist you with your application. These tools consist of various calculators, charts and application data forms that you can fill out and submit to our expert application engineers for assitance.


Build your own custom lead screw and submit your specifications to our Engineered Solutions Team and get a quotation in 24 hours. This design tool allows you to build any combination of sizes, materials and customization.



  • NEMA 17 and 23 (Size 11 on request)
  • Acme screw and ball screw drive
  • Integrated linear potentiometer
  • Rotary digital encoders
  • Magnetic position Sensors
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Multiple rod end options
  • IP65 Rated linear actuators
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