Precision Acme Lead Screws and Nuts

The largest range of lead screws, acme screws and trapezoidal lead screws in the world. Our lead screws range in size from 1-50mm in diameter with an incredible amount of lead screw nut options with varying materials and models. Buy online today.

Hybrid Stepper Linear Actuators

A variety Hybrid Stepper Linear Actuator models ranging in size from NEMA 8 to 34. Offered in external, captive and non-captive configurations.

Linear Slides

Linear Slide Systems - a completely assembled system that includes: linear guidance, carriage plate and acme screw or ball screw assembly. Many configurable options are available.

Modular Linear Actuators

Designed to be a modular and allow you the option of putting several of them together to build a complete motion system. Lead screw and ball screw drives.

PRA Linear Actuators

Built with either lead screw or ball screw drives. These linear actuators are designed to be compact and high-performance products.

Electric Cylinders

Lead screw or ball screw driven electric cylinders assembled with Intelligent stepper motors. Sensors, encoders and custom mounts available.

Lubricants for lead screws and acme screws

High performance lubricants for medical, aerospace, electronic and military applications. Excellent for use with lead screws or acme screws. Buy online today.


Ball screws and Acme screws require end machining matched with precision bearing mounts. We offer both the bearing mounts and end machining as a complete assembly.


Linear Spline Shafts provide anti-rotation for one axis motion or a drive mechanism with rotation for two axes of motion. Anti-backlash bushings and custom end machining available. Provides guidance when used with lead screws.

About Us
About Us

Helix Linear is a global leader in lead screw and linear actuator technologies.

For nearly 50 years the company has helped to engineer the success of its customers in a wide range of markets. Helix Linear leads with its innovative design, engineering, and manufacturing of precision linear motion systems. Helix Linear focuses on engineering and manufacturing lead screws, acme screws, trapezoidal screws and linear actuators.

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Services and Custom Solutions

Custom Linear Actuators

When design engineers need a custom solution, we can help select a linear actuator that utilizes a lead screw, ball screw, belt or roller screw drive that best fits your application. These new solutions, can combine catalogue products and custom components to provide cost-effective sub-systems.

Subassembly Services

We can help streamline your supply chain by assembling your complete linear actuation system. Assembly of couplings, bearings, pulleys or additional linear actuators to build X,Y and Z linear gantries. Our assembly department also performs cycle testing and validation testing that enables our products to go directly from your dock to stock.

End-Machining Services

We offer complete end machining services for 1-10,000 pieces and diameters ranging from 1.6 to 75mm. Lead screws can be provided cut to length or with a range of standard end modifications suitable for interfacing with ball bearings, circlips, couplings, pulleys, gears or our standard end mounts.


We focus on our customers by helping to develop prototype lead screws and linear actuators quickly. Our manufacturing facilities enable larger quantities to be supplied for full production requirements available with scheduled delivery, consignment stocking and stock management services.

Custom Lead Screw and Nut Design

If you don't see the screw size that you need - just ask! Many of the screws we manufacture every month are brand new diameter and lead combinations. If you need to match a lead screw to your motion profile or to a motor you have already selected, we can design and manufacture a new screw exactly for your application.

In-House Rolling Die Manufacturing

We are one of the few lead screw manufacturing companies in the world that design and produce thread rolling dies. If you need a completely custom lead screw design, we can design the thread form, grind the dies and roll the screw for you faster than any company in the world.