7 Reasons You Should Consider Ball Screws in Your Linear Motion Application by Christopher Nook
Date: Feb 10 2023

7 Reasons You Should Consider Ball Screws in Your Linear Motion Application

Ball screws are an essential component in a wide range of machinery and industrial applications, and they offer numerous benefits over other linear motion control options. Here, we'll explore the advantages of ball screws.

5 Reasons Lead Screws Should Be Your Top Choice in Medical Device Design by Christopher Nook
Date: Feb 02 2023

5 Reasons Lead Screws Should Be Your Top Choice in Medical Device Design

Lead screws are the ideal solution for many medical devices, providing the precision, durability, and efficiency needed to ensure the best patient care.

by Dave Arguin
Date: Sep 08 2022

Linear Motion, Physics, and Logic - Common Oversights When Designing Linear Motion Systems

As the saying goes, "The devil is in the details." As simple as your linear motion application may seem, focusing on areas that may cause unexpected problems is highly beneficial. Here are a few important factors to consider when sizing a stepper motor linear actuator that will save work, money, and time in the long run.

by Dave Arguin
Date: Jul 21 2022

Bearing Supports Made EZZE

Bearing end supports for linear actuators is an essential component in your linear actuation application. They ensure load carrying capabilities and long life. They should be sized adequately to handle the axial loads required while supporting the shaft radially.

by Dave Arguin
Date: Jun 23 2022

How to Size a Linear Actuator for Your Application

When selecting the appropriate size of a linear actuator, applying one general number to make a selection, such as a maximum load rating, is difficult.

by Dave Arguin
Date: May 06 2022

The Ins and Outs of Precision Ball Screw Assemblies

Ball screws are manufactured by rolling or grinding the threads. In some specific situations, they are whirled due to end machining features or tooling availability. Otherwise, rolling and grinding are the primary and preferred methods of ball screw manufacturing.

by Dave Arguin
Date: Apr 26 2022

Precision Linear Motion Suppliers Provides a Lean Advantage in the Medical Equipment Industry

Companies spend millions of dollars each year on improving productivity through Lean initiatives. Kaizen events use Value Stream Mapping and SMED tools to eliminate non-valued added work, reduce cycle times, increase throughput, and improve changeover time. Unfortunately, many of these efforts are not initiated until after a product has been designed and released.

by Dave Arguin
Date: Apr 20 2022

The Importance of Collaborating With a Linear Motion Application Engineer

Helix Linear Technologies Application Engineers are subject matter experts in linear motion. When you choose us as your linear motion manufacturing solutions provider, our engineering team becomes an extension of your design team, working with you to provide solutions and recommendations.

by Dave Arguin
Date: Apr 13 2022

How Can Your Precision Linear Motion Supplier Help You?

Selecting a precision linear motion partner and including them in the design phase can help lower project costs, enhance functionality, and streamline your manufacturing process to reduce lead times.

by Dave Arguin
Date: Mar 25 2022

Mitigating Supply Chain Risk for Critical Linear Motion Components

What is the cost of not having an alternative source for linear motion components critical to your operation?