by Dave Arguin
Date: Apr 20 2022

The Importance of Collaborating With a Linear Motion Application Engineer

Helix Linear Technologies Application Engineers are subject matter experts in linear motion. When you choose us as your linear motion manufacturing solutions provider, our engineering team becomes an extension of your design team, working with you to provide solutions and recommendations.

by Dave Arguin
Date: Apr 13 2022

How Can Your Precision Linear Motion Supplier Help You?

Selecting a precision linear motion partner and including them in the design phase can help lower project costs, enhance functionality, and streamline your manufacturing process to reduce lead times.

by Dave Arguin
Date: Mar 25 2022

Mitigating Supply Chain Risk for Critical Linear Motion Components

What is the cost of not having an alternative source for linear motion components critical to your operation?

by Zhane Isom
Date: Mar 18 2022

Hexapod Motion and Positioning Platforms

From improved task flexibility and miniaturization to higher load capacity and advanced controller technology, hexapod positioning systems are becoming more common in multiple industries. Though not new to the market, these versatile motion systems solve many industrial automation challenges, from semiconductor applications to automotive assembly lines.

by Zhane Isom
Date: Feb 25 2022

Benefits of Using Standard Freewheeling Lead Screw Nuts

Standard freewheeling lead screw nuts from Helix Linear Technologies are available in both threaded and flanged configurations and are designed to fit screws ranging from 2 mm - 25 mm in diameter.

by Zhane Isom
Date: Feb 18 2022

Linear Motion in The Chemical Industry

The integration of the most advanced, comprehensive automation technology is aiding the chemical industry in meeting the fast-paced demands of a globally saturated market. Automation solutions from Helix Linear Technologies allow you to optimize your chemical manufacturing processes from start to finish, offering the utmost reliability, efficiency, and resource allocation within each production stage.

by Zhane Isom
Date: Feb 11 2022

Ball Screw Driven Linear Actuators = Heavier Load Carrying Capabilities

Today's linear motion and automation challenges require higher precision and faster speeds.

by Zhane Isom
Date: Feb 03 2022

Top 5 “Ask an Engineer” Questions Answered

Do you have linear motion questions that need to be answered? We’d love to hear from you! Here are our top 5 most popular questions from our “Ask an Engineer” weekly social media feature.

by Dave Arguin
Date: Jan 25 2022

Stay “On-Track” When Selecting a Linear Guide System

Linear Guide Systems are perhaps the most diverse group of products in the motion control industry. Available in numerous configurations with widely varying performance characteristics, selecting the right linear guide system for your application can be challenging. One of the essential characteristics to consider is guide rail performance -- primarily based on speed, load-carrying capacity, and moment load limitations.

Linear Motion Components Take Flight in Aerospace and Defense Industry by Christopher Nook
Date: Jan 17 2022

Linear Motion Components Take Flight in Aerospace and Defense Industry

The aerospace and defense industry are positioned as one of the largest and most powerful industries in the United States. In fact, for over 100 years, this industry has moved, connected, and secured the modern world we live in today. It spans five markets: military aircraft, missiles, space, commercial airlines, and general aviation. Moreover, the United States aerospace sector is considered the most significant globally and serves as the primary military and civil aerospace hardware supplier.