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From lead screws to linear actuators, Helix Linear provides solutions that meet some of the most demanding environments and specifications.

In a highly complex industry where precision is of the utmost importance, chemical manufacturers demand only the most reliable products to be integrated into their chemical applications. Companies within this industry produce a variety of industrial chemicals including manufacturing toner cartridges, photographic chemicals and film, custom compounding plastic resins, paper, plates and more.

Chemical applications integrating Helix technology include:

  • Assembly and preparation systems
  • Platform lifts
  • Oxidation and extraction applications
  • Temperature control technologies
  • Test tube fillers
  • Chemical transfer applications
  • Mixing and blending apparatuses

Helix is a world leader in designing the most advanced products and systems developed to enhance the production of chemical products. Call today for more information about how Helix can perfect your chemical processes.

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