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Helix Linear Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company and enjoys a history rich in innovative design solutions to linear motion customer requirements.  Our sales engineering team is able to quickly "size up" the needs of our customers and, in collaboration with our creative design engineers, develop a design concept that ensures superior functionality coupled with a long-term, efficient and cost effective solution.

Technology drives our process orientation while our focus on the customer drives our success. The diversity of our markets is unparalleled while our product offerings are broad in scope. Subscribing to the principles of Lean Manufacturing, 5S, and Six Sigma, we are vertically integrated to ensure manufacturability, product quality, process integrity, cost efficiency, and delivery. We will continue to focus our attention on customer solutions, people, products, and processes.

When employment opportunities present themselves to join our collaborative team of dedicated employees, we look for a depth of talent that satisfies current as well as future needs. In this way, we provide growth opportunities for our employees and strengthen the business for the future.

Our goal is to continue our success one customer at a time. In the end, our products make us industry leaders and our people make us world class!

For more information about current openings, please give our HR department a call at (216) 485-2232.

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